What options do you have?

 Below are the other ways to sell your house, However, if your circumstances require you to sell fast, They may not be your best option.

At Mint Property Sales we know how difficult it is when the time is not on your side, which is why we have found a way for homeowners across the North West to speed up the process of selling their house.

Mint Property Sales

Via Mint Property Sales

Choosing to sell your house with Mint Property Sales is without a doubt the quickest most stress-free option on the market currently. Once we have received your enquiry it will only take us up to 48hrs to give you a cash offer. We are using our own funds therefor not relying on any 3rd party finances, So we can move as quickly as you need; Often completing in as little as  21 days. There are no hidden fees regardless if you decide to sell with us or not. 

  Selling your home with a professional estate agents in some cases is the best option. They usually have a great understanding of the area and know exactly how to market your property. Unfortunately, this is time-consuming and can be quite costly, a luxury that not all homeowners can choose. At Mint Property sales we don't rely on a potential first-time buyer to come and fall in love with your property to sell it. Using our own funds we will always give you a cash offer on your property regardless of the condition or postcode. In the case of needing to sell your home as quickly as possible or wanting to minimise the fees involved, we are here to help...

Through Estate Agents

Using an online property portal can be a better alternative than using an Estate agent if you're looking to save on fees, However, you will still need to pay your solicitor for the conveyancing. Online can also prove to be time-consuming and draining as you will have to schedule and attend the viewing. If you are wanting a hassle-free approach and don't have the time required to arrange viewings then Mint Property sales could be the answer. We don't need to view your property to complete an offer as we have our own team of experts who will come up with a competitive fair price based on the current market in your local area.

Online Property portals

Receive your cash offer today!

Receive your cash in as little as 21 days.

Cash offers guaranteed

That's right money could be in your account in as little as 21 days! Whatever the reason may be that you are looking to sell your house fast, we can assure you a stress-free smooth transaction. 


Simply fill out our Application which will take you a couple of seconds well give you a free no obligation cash offer within 24 hours. There are no hidden fees or charges if you decide to sell with us or not! Sound too good to be true? Give us a try.