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Why can’t I find my favorite flavor in stores anymore?

We are currently in the process of re-launching new & improved versions of these products and expect to be back on shelves with all flavors later this spring. In the meantime, the flavor you are looking for might be available already on Amazon - check available Amazon flavors HERE.

Why did you change the formula & packaging?

We worked closely with the brand and R&D teams to test each and every one of our recipes and make sure all of them are as close to the ready-to-drink flavors as possible. We held official taste tests with consumers on each recipe to ensure a sample of current consumers were happy with the updates. New versions were not produced for retail until all of the data showed there was preference for the new vs the previous one across all flavors. That said, the real feedback we are looking for now that new products are in market comes from YOU! Please fill out THIS SHORT SURVEY so that your direct feedback can be shared with our R&D team and each of partner brand management teams.

Is there any of the old formula available?

No, they are no longer being produced.

I have a suggestion for a new flavor! Do you take requests?

Yes - Please drop a line through the contact form below!

Are you having trouble viewing the best by date on your drink mix?

On a small number of powdered drink mix cartons the lot code/best by date is printed in white ink. If you're having trouble viewing this text, simply turn the carton at a slight angle to view ink.

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