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Selling Your House: What not to do.

If you are in the process of selling your home, Or considering it in the near future. There are some things which must be avoided. Selling you home can be one of the most stressful experiences, even for the cool headed amongst us. Mint Property Sales has identified some common mistakes made when selling your home.

1. Choosing The Wrong Time

Timing the market can be a crucial element to selling your house for the right price. Instruct your local Estate agents in a declining market... And you could see your property going for considerably less than the market value.

2. Being Too Stubborn

Property Negotiation is a big part in buying and selling property. Whether you are selling a £50k house or a £2 million mansion. There will always be somebody haggling the price. Depending on your personal circumstances and desired outcomes, accepting a lower offer on your property could be the quickest most hassle free way to selling it.

3. Being unprepared

If you are planning on selling your property for the best possible value, You need to make sure you come into the market fully prepared. Its no use opening your property up for viewings if there are clear signs on repair needed. This also applies to any sinister issues within the property, Such as structural damage and damp issues. It may go unnoticed by an inexperienced first time buyer, However it will be made very clear by a surveyor once a sale has progressed.

4. Be Realistic

It can be easy getting drawn in by what your local estate agent tells you your property is worth. Unfortunately this can be a common ploy by Agents who are just trying to win new business. Its important you do your own research and become familiar with whats going on in your local market. If you price your property too high, Risk your property being overlooked and undesirable for potential buyers.

5. Wrong Agents

Choosing the right agent for your property is arguably the most important part in selling your house. Websites such as Home holds valuable data which can point you in the right direction when choosing your Estate Agent. If your property is worth in excess of £250k, Would it be worth instructing an agent with an average selling price of £90k? Maybe Not. By visiting home it will break down each agent by postcode and their average selling time and prices.

Alternatively if you are considering a quick no nonsense sale. We are able to provide you with a no obligation quote within 24 Hours. Click the link to find out more Get a cash offer.

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