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Problem Tenants: What to do

Often we are given the idea that Landlords are often horrible money grabbing men/women who only have their best interest in mind.

However this is far from the truth.

Over 40% of Landlords are accidental and therefor had no intention of running a rental property as a business model. With that being said, not all tenants look after their rental properties and can cause serious financial difficulty and stress to Landlords who are not cut out for the role.

In this article Mint Property Sales will outline some of the common issues which can occur with problem tenants and how to deal with them professionally and ethically.

Refusing To Pay Rent

If a tenant is showing early signs of not paying rent it is vital you act on it instantly.

Be confident in approaching your tenants with a gentle reminder. Often times this can be due to late payments from work , Issues with their bank or just a general misunderstanding. The most important thing is to remain calm and professional with your tenants as frustrating as this may be.

If this issues persists it may be worth asking the tenant to voluntarily leave the property to avoid negatively affecting the ability to rent in the future. This will also be the most cost effective way of evicting a tenant as going through the courts can be costly and if the tenant is not paying the liabilities can start to pile up.

Neighbours Complaints

When sourcing a tenant, Whether that be through a letting agent or directly through yourself. It can be very difficult to know what their future behaviour will be when living in your property.

Most common issues can and should be resolved between tenants and neighbours themselves, However in some cases intervention may be needed.

If you find the tenants are in breach of the tenancy agreement when neighbours are complaining about their behaviour it would be wise to gently remind them of the contract they have agreed to, More often than not this will be enough to nip any future events in the bud.


If you have decided to adopt a no pets policy in your tenancy agreement. It is important your or the managing agent is conduction regular inspections on the property. These can be done legally with 24 Hours notice should you suspect there is any foul play from the tenants part. The last thing you need is to discover there has been a dog living in your property for the last 12 months when a tenancy agreement ends.


It is your responsibility as a landlord to provide full functioning appliances and furniture if stated on the tenancy agreement. It is also a tenants right to complain should anything you provide break or become undesirable during the tenancy "within reason"

One way to avoid high maintenance costs in your rental property may be refreshing the property after each tenancy comes to and end. It is also your legal obligation to make sure the property has up to date Gas and Electric safety tests.

If you have provided the tenant with up to date goods it is important to have a thorough inventory done at the start of the tenancy with proof of the condition the property and its contents were handed to the tenant.

Outstanding Bills

One common mistake which can lead to problems down the line, Is outstanding utility payments when a tenant has moved from the property. It is important to stay on top of the payments during each tenancy making sure there are no arrears.

Again , Make sure to have your tenancy agreement watertight, Declaring all outstanding bill payments will be the responsibility on the tenant and not the Landlord.


As we mentioned earlier , Not everybody is cut out to be a landlord. Therefor it is important you have the self awareness to determine whether you a fit for the job or not. Renting a property can provide you with great financial benefits both short and long term should you do it correctly, However one wrong tenant can be a huge financial burden. If you find yourself with a tenancy that inst working we would advise speaking with a specialised legal expert straight away in order to start the eviction process.

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