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How to choose the right agent when selling your property

One of the first obstacles to overcome when selling your property is choosing an Estate agent to work with. Getting this right will you give you the pleasant experience you dreamed of, Get this wrong and you could be regretting making the decision of selling to start with.


Before anything it would make sense to reach out to neighbours, friends and family members who may have recently sold their property, After all who better to ask then somebody who has recently gone through the process? This will work especially well with neighbours on the same street as they can give you an indication of home buyers needs in your area, the best agents and more importantly ones to avoid.


Now you have received some recommendations, whether good or bad, Its time to do your own research. We would advise using free websites such as home which compiles data from every registered Estate agent across the UK. Things such as how fast on average their selling times are, To their average price per sale. This should give you a good indicator if the agent fits in with your criteria. If you are looking to sell a property worth in excess of £200k it would make sense choosing an agent, who has an average agreed sale price of over £210k.

Now its time to do some more research into what is going on within your local market. Doing a quick search on property portals such as Rightmove or Zoopla using your postcode should show you all the properties currently on the market and what agents they are with. Pay close attention to the wording the agents use and the quality of photos on display.

Estate agency is a regulated industry which means they have a code of conduct and ethics to uphold therefor its important to make sure your agents are registered with a redress scheme.


Why not ring up a couple of local estate agents and query about one of the properties they have listed? This is also a key way to see just how professional the agents are.

Do they sound enthusiastic and ready to provide you with as much helpful information as needed?If the answer is no, Then the likeliness of them providing your potential buyers with a impressionable experience is slim.


So now you have shortlisted a couple of agents or potentially have the right one for the job!

Its time to have that difficult conversation beginning with "C". Costs/Commission should be established at the very start of your interactions and especially before you give them instructions. More often that not Estate agents will have a reasonable fee for their service and rightly so, However, this does not mean there in no room for negotiation. Selling your property with a commission fee to the agent of 1.5% is a big difference to 3% which is standard charge by some agents. Therefor outlining this early will prevent any nasty surprises when your property is sold.

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