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What Is The Fastest Way To Sell Your House?

What is the average time it takes for somebody to sell a home in the UK property Market? Over 4 months, And with the property market becoming slightly sluggish it can be even more, presenting homeowners with a very frustrating task.

Lets dive into our top tips to getting that quick house sale you want!

Selling Your House Fast

Before Anything Else

When it comes to selling your house it is important you have a figure you are comfortable accepting for your home. We would advise doing research in your local area drawing comparable from a quarter of a mile. With that being said it can be tempting to over-value your house which will result in your property being on the market a lot longer than anticipated. Speaking to several different estate agents in your local area and getting a second opinion on the standard of your property and what it would likely be listed for is the first step to successfully selling your house.


So you have established a realistic price for your property, Now its time to focus on the property listing itself. In the UK more than 98% of homeowners will start their house hunt online via portals such as Zoopla & Rigtmove, Therefore your online listing must stand out from the very start. We would advising hiring a professional photographer to snap all the nook and crannies of you home , Presenting it in its very best light.

What Ways Are There To Sell My House Fast?


Estate Agents

Average selling time 4 Months

Love them or hate them. Estate agents are often the first choice when it comes to selling your home, After all who is going to know the local market better than your local Estate Agent? When it comes to using an Estate agent not only will they be a visible force in your local area when marketing the property, But they will have a database with millions of potential buyers who may be looking for your exact property. What is the drawback? Well Estate agents are not free and they can charge up to 3% of the eventual sale price for your property. When you factor in paying a legal team this can have a considerable impact on the goal price your set right at the start. Before choosing an agent we would recommend discussing what exactly their fees would be and maybe negotiating this down.


Average selling time 1-2 Months

This is becoming increasingly popular with homeowners looking for a no nonsense sale. One of the appealing factors choosing the method of selling is the reassurance that once the hammer goes down your property is as good as sold. As good as this sounds it can also be a very daunting method as the price sold at Auction could be considerably less that what you was originally intending for.

Cash House buyers

Average selling time 7-28 Days

They may not be known by the general public, However cash buying services such as ourselves are without a doubt the quickest most efficient way to sell your property. First there is usually no selling fees or commission when choosing this method, Secondly there is the peace of mind knowing that your home is being bought with cash. Not always, But some companies including ourselves will even volunteer to pay your legal fees. One thing that must be taken into consideration when using a cash house buyer is how genuine they are and if they are actually able to follow through with their promises. Reading through the companies reviews and subjecting them to early questions should weed out the un-ethical groups who are more other than not time wasters.

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