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Are Virtual Viewings Here To Stay?

If you have been looking to buy or rent a property over the last month or so. You will have noticed a new "virtual viewings" option being offered by agents. This new technology allows buyers and tenants to walk through their prospective properties in the comfort of their own home.

This is equally valuable to homeowners who have a property they need to sell quickly and cannot wait on the government to ease lockdown measures. Some sources such as the OneDome Group have reported that virtual viewings are likely to stay post lockdown due to their popularity.

How is it possible?

Virtual viewings are created with 360° cameras providing 3D images of the property. The technology is quite impressive and allows the camera to measure the depth and distance of each room via multiple sensors. This would definitely be the most accurate way to view a house without having to step foot in it.

Alternatively, Some estate agents across the country are taking videos with their own mobile phones whilst they walk through the property, This can also be their "virtual viewing" service.

What to consider when looking at virtual viewings

As you will not be in the area physically, It is important to drive nearby of the property at least once to get a better idea of the local demographic and amenities offered. This will also give you an opportunity to see the street itself and neighbouring properties.

Most importantly this will also give you a chance to see the property externally. Some of the most expensive fixes can be on the exterior of the property so looking at things like Brickwork, Roof space, Windows and for any sinister-looking cracks could save you thousands of pounds in the future.

Getting virtual viewings added to your current listings

Due to the new social distancing rules in place, it would likely not be permitted for estate agents to come out and offer this service. The only option would be to do this yourself. Matterport offers a range of different 3d cameras which are compatible with iPhones and Androids.

Although this may not be as professional looking as your local agents, It could still give you an edge over other listings.

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